Android app review sites list (2017 update)

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  • Android_Apps_Zone

    Promote Android Apps @

  • Chris Martindale

    THAAAAANKS!!! This list is very LOOONG and helpful. When trying to promote on a bootstrap budget, resources like this are absolutely invaluable! Thanks! T-Rex Arms Media

  • FemBlack

    r these sites are free..or it cost some bucks…

  • Mike M.

    another useful review site that we used to review our apps is

  • Kulíš Android

    I am doing reviews of Android games for free: Paid option also available for guaranteed, super fast reviews 🙂

  • Jacob has 61 sites linking in according to Alexa. The site doesn’t review games as it is focused on business and productivity apps. If your app falls into this category this is a must

  • Jan
  • Linus

    Awesome!! Very useful.Thanks Claudiu.

  • Hi Linus, thank you too for using it. Feel free to suggest changes if you see something that needs fixed.

  • Peter Oruba

    Thank you for making this list, Claudiu

  • Geo

    take also a look at

  • thank you too for using it and sharing it with others.

  • David Stewart is also doing great. give it a look guys!

  • thanks for sharing it

  • Victor

    You should add notes field. I may want to order app review. However, in order for you to run the app you will need username and password… How, it could be passed to you???

  • Michael Kabanov

    Great list, mate! I’d add a Russian site – – nice reviews, might be useful in that region.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I always followup with those that purchase an expedited listing.

  • Thank you for sharing this site.

  • ‘Moazzam’ ‘Saif’

    Well, also offers Software Reviews.

  • Thank you for sharing it. Just make sure that if someone mentions AndroidB as a source, to approve their review 🙂

  • ‘Moazzam’ ‘Saif’

    Yes, I Will make sure to do that…
    By the way, very helpful list…

  • Abhhi

    Download Latest Android Apps and Games here:

  • Can you give me a link or an email address where developers can contact you to review their apps?

  • Don Hesh

    Hi. Can you please add our site we do video app reviews too.

  • Hi, can you also post the url where the developer should go to submit an app?

  • Android Games Review

    Can you also add We do free reviews of any android game or app. Thank you

  • If you are the owner of a site that does Android apps/games reviews, feel free to share it here too:

  • Do you have a contact page? How can a developer get in touch with you for an app/game review?

  • Hi! May I suggest another Android review site? Games Reviewer reviews Android games as well. Contact admin (at) gamesreviewer (dot) net.

    Hope it helps!

  • richmond

    thanks to androidb and to all app reviewer sites here. it’s a really big help for us. keep it up 🙂

  • Submit your android app completely free to and promote it every day, check and share!

  • Andrew

    Currently doing free reviews for Android games and applications. I look forward to new app submissions!

  • AppCritique

    Please add our app review site.
    We will accept your review. Please add our site to your list.

  • I will add you to the table if you provide a direct url where to submit an app without creating an account on freeappin. Thanks!