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We submit your APP/GAME to 140+ Android app review sites

It’s exciting to have your app published on Google Play after months (or years) of hard work. With over 3 million published apps, yours will most likely go unnoticed if you don’t have the resources to promote your app (ad budgets to have an app in top 25 exceed $200,000). After several weeks when nothing happens in terms of downloads/revenue, you start to lose hope. One of the solutions is to submit your app to as many Android app review sites as possible. This is where I can help, instead of you spending time researching what sites to submit to and actually do the app submissions, you can let me do this for you. You save precious time doing something else while an app review request for your app is sent to 140+ Android review sites. NOTE: IF your app is paid you must provide promo codes to unlock the full version or a freemium version.

CURRENTLY OVERBOOKED. To be included on the wait list please send us an email. Otherwise, if you don’t want to wait you can purchase just the list I use for the submission and do the process yourself. To do so visit this url and make the payment ($29.99): Buy the big list of Android review sites.
NOTE: This is exactly what this list contains right now: 88 sites that accept submissions via email, 114 sites that accept online submissions, 70 sites and forums that require accounts, 57 sites for stores and publishers and 28 social links. So in total over 350 links.

APP Submission service status (): OVEBOOKED

What problem does this solve?

App marketing is one of the biggest challenges for you as an app developer. It’s not because you wouldn’t be good at it if you spent enough time researching, it’s because your time is more valuable than doing mundane tasks such as contacting app review sites.
Would you rather spend dozens of hours writing code OR hunting down for Android app review websites and contacting them?
In 99.99% of the cases the answer to this question is “writing code”. There are indeed big companies that have big marketing budgets and they do everything in-house, but a lot of indie app/game developers have a job and do development in their spare time, rather than marketing their apps (which is good, you should do what you’re best at).

I studied the pattern of app review requests I receive and most app developers send emails in week-ends. Discussing with some of them I discovered that’s when they actually have some spare time. If you do this too this means you just take from your development or precious family time to do something you don’t really like. I can help marketing your app by submitting app review requests in your name.

What you get

All I need from you is a Google Play url and I will handle the rest. After payment is processed I’ll start working on the app review request submission and send you a report once this process is finished – up to 2 working days but usually faster than that. Here’s what you get by purchasing this AppPromotion Premium Package:

  • Your app will be submitted to 140+ Android app review sites (games will be submitted actually to 160+ sites). Delivery time is up to 2 working days but usually I try to finish it in less than 2 days.
  • Submissions are manually processed so no automation at all. It’s just as you would do it, manually visiting each site and sending your review request. When the submission process is finished you will receive a detailed report.
  • The total cost for this service is $119 $99.99.
  • BONUS 1: Your app will be featured on (if it is a game it will also be featured on
  • BONUS 2: Your app will be mentioned on my official AndroidB Facebook page.
  • BONUS 3: You will receive a list of Android app submission sites with over 350 listings sorted by popularity, with observations and contact information. It contains sites that accept email/online form submissions, sites that require account creation (i.e. forums), stores and publishers and social media accounts. For most of the app review sites there are social channel links listed as well (Facebook/Twitter).
  • BONUS 5: I install and analyze your app as well as its listing page to send a personalized app-store optimization report (ASO). This contains tips to help you get a better ranking in Google Play.

Here are some answers to the most popular questions I receive:

Q: Will you sell me just the list of updated sites?
A: If you don’t want me to do the submission for you then yes, you can purchase just the list. To do so visit this url and make the payment ($29.99): Buy the big list of Android review sites. This is exactly what this list contains right now: 88 sites that accept submissions via email, 114 sites that accept online submissions, 70 sites and forums that require accounts, 57 sites for stores and publishers and 28 social links. So in total over 350 links.

Q: How many websites will publish my app/game?
A: I cannot guarantee how many of the websites contacted will publish your app. In the lists I have there are very few websites that publish your app instantly without verifying it first (3-4), usually the other ones that publish will do so after a number of days, though I can’t tell you how much will do so due to factors I cannot control. I do guarantee that your app/game will be published to the social media accounts mentioned above, but please understand that there’s no guarantee on how many other sites will publish your app/game (aside the instant listings). This service is intended to save you time, give you an accurate list of sites as well as advices on what to do next to market your app.

Q: How will I know where the app was submitted?
A: After the submission process is finished I send you a report, an Excel file that contains several sheets grouped by the type of sites I submitted to (i.e. sites with email addresses, sites with online forms). The Excel file has well over 250+ sites that you can decide if you want to publish to or not, I only submit to the sites that are a good fit for your app or game (i.e. I don’t submit a business app to a game only review sites). You can see a screenshot below with a snippet of how that looks (I blurred out some contact information for privacy issues)

A partial screenshot with the report I send

A partial screenshot with the report I send

Q: How do I know for sure that you submit the app?
A: I take the submission process very seriously as honesty is one of my main characteristics (or flaws, depending on how you look at this 😉 ). After I fill in all the details for a site that has an online form, I take a screenshot. I also take screenshots for the sites that I contact via email. I deliver a zip file with all the screenshots (usually 80+ screenshots) along with the report. Plus, as I use the email address you provide for contact, you’ll receive dozens of replies from the submission sites (some with confirmation, others with promotional messages).

Zip file with png screenshots of sites I submitted to

Zip file with png screenshots of sites I submitted to

Q: What do you need from me to start the submission?
A: I need the URL of the app/game, an email address that I will use as a contact address when contacting websites and lastly a name to use for contacting the websites. Thus, you are the one receiving the replies from the submission websites.

Q: How accurate is the list of websites?
A: I review the list of websites several times per week. Right now it has well over 250+ websites in there that I manually curate. I can guarantee that your app will be submitted to at least 140 websites (games to a bit more review sites), as I only contact the sites that your app is a good match for. For instance I won’t submit your app to a listing site that only accepts games, nor I would submit a game to a site that only lists educational apps. Furthermore, I don’t submit to sites that only accept paid submissions. When the submission process is completed you will receive an excel file with all the mentioned websites, with columns that show their popularity and also observations regarding each website (i.e. which ones accept only games). After analyzing my competition I can tell you that I have the most accurate list of Android submission websites.

Q: I have an iOS app/game, do you have a list of iOS review sites too or only Android?
A: I do have a list of iOS review sites too, if you are interested in that just contact me and I can submit your app to iOS sites too.

Do you have any other questions regarding this app review request service? Feel free to post a comment or send me an email and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

If you still want to do a manual submission by yourself leave a comment and I’ll post a link to a page where I list multiple sites with their contact information (where applicable). This at least will help you get started faster. However, if your time is better spent programming, here’s the order URL again in case you’ve missed it above:
CURRENTLY OVERBOOKED. To be included on the wait list please send us an email. Otherwise, if you don’t want to wait you can purchase just the list I use for the submission and do the process yourself. To do so visit this url and make the payment ($29.99): Buy the big list of Android review sites.
NOTE: This is exactly what this list contains right now: 88 sites that accept submissions via email, 114 sites that accept online submissions, 70 sites and forums that require accounts, 57 sites for stores and publishers and 28 social links. So in total over 350 links.

APP Submission service status (): OVEBOOKED


Almost forgot, here’s some feedback from developers I worked with:

Thank you! “The ‘Galaxy Warrior’ game you worked on is now featured on Google Play today. I hope to be one of your excellent reference.

LIVEZEN Corp., publisher of Galaxy Warrior.

“Really grateful for all your hard work and sweat you put in this mission. If I could describe it in one word it would be “Wow” :-). Not only for the submissions and valuable spreadsheet that I will surely study it and try to follow your tips but also your extensive feedback about the app and the google play listing tips are highly appreciated specially given your experience in the matter which is obviously broad!

Some of them were already in the TODO list but many of them where very precious insights that we will obviously take them very seriously. Still have to get my head fully wrapped around all that amount of information but I can only congratulate you and wish you the very best for you!

I will surely reference you to anybody that requires such services and who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other one of these days!”

Paulo, Control Space, publisher of Yelo.

“I hope you still remember my lathe machine game :). I need to say that you did miracles for this game. Before you suggested everything, I had approximately 200 downloads per day on Google Play. And now I have between 3000 and 9000 per day:). It brings me from 20 – 40 EUR per day too. I can’t live only from this game but it is a nice starting point. To be short, thank you very much for that!”

Igor Frank, publisher of Lathe Worker game.

“I just reviewed your work and it ALL looks amazing! Thank you for your comments, suggestion and everything else you did for LifeSign, I am honestly honored to be doing work with you one more time!

We will progressively try to implement as much as your suggestions as possible. Thanks for the uploads and the comprehensive excel sheet, this is plain brilliant! I’ll come back to you should I need more help.

If you ever need something as well, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally. You’re baptized a lifetime GOLD user of LifeSign from now on!
Cheers for ALL your help and boosting energy. Have a great rest of the day and an amazing week! It is always a pressure working with you. THANK YOU!”

Petros, CEO, publisher of LifeSign.

“Thank you! I’m getting much more than I expected. The Techcrunch coverage was king. I will follow up on all actions you propose. Thanks a lot.”

Harro Stokman, Euvision Technologies, publisher of Impala.

“I’m very very impressed with your service and I’m not exaggerating if I said that report you sent me for ASO optimization is the best report I have ever received from ASO experts.
I will create action plan based on your suggestions and will be working on it shortly. I will keep you posted with the progress if you do not mind.
Thanks alot and definitely I will recommend your superb service to people I know.”

General Manager @ Softxpert, publisher of Smart Document Scanner.

“Thanks for all your recommendations and all your work, we have been receiving emails all day which is great. I will definitely take this with me to our next meeting with the rest of my team and pick your email apart, addressing each point. As we discuss all the above in our next meeting, if there is anything we are unsure of we will let you know.

We do have another game in the works that is a lot more ambitious than Dodgy blocks, with new ideas / Concepts and mechanics, and its not too far off from being complete. So expect more business from as again in the near future as we are very happy with the services you have provided.

Thanks again for all your help, and please point me in the direction of where I can write a good testimonial about your services.”

Charlie Schembri, Tyrannosoft Media (Partner), publisher of Dodgy Blocks.

“The service you’ve provided is incredible. It’s well beyond what I expected. As someone who is launching an app for the first time, there is no better resource I could ask for. Thank you.

Your e-mail is pretty clear. I got my work cut out for the next few days but if I have any question I’ll definitely get in touch and hopefully you’ll have a moment. Thanks again.”

Vladimir, developer of Less than 8.

“Wow, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting something as in-depth and informative as this email. It’s really amazing and I sincerely appreciate all of the time you put into writing it up, I have a lot of information to sift through today 🙂

I’ve already modified the GP title/description the best I can as per your suggestions since that was the quickest fix (will take a bit to propagate and update).

Anyway, thanks again! I really appreciate all the work you’ve done, this service was truly worth the price and went above and beyond my expectations.”

Ralph, developer of Stick Nodes.

“Much appreciated your experience and impressive comprehensive work to help promote my android app – thank you! The tips, guidance and links are really useful as well – I will definitely listen to what you say – very helpful!

Daniel Hodge creator of Bling It On!.

“I want to thank you so much for your excellent and professional work. You did everything you promised and so much more. Your advice is invaluable and will absolutely be implemented. I would highly recommend your service to any developer!”

Jo Goldstein, LuckyFish, publisher of OMG! Fortune Free Slots.

“As a one man development studio, this service has helped me satisfy multiple roles including marketing, press outreach, and app store optimization, that would have been difficult jobs to do alone. Great person to work with and an excellent + thorough communicator. Would use again!”

Jeff Ahking, Wolphox, publisher of Fartiste.

“Wow, that’s fantastic information Claudiu! Looks like I’ve still got a lot of work to do. Best $100 I think I’ve ever spent right there. Ill be sure to recommend your service to other people (although I imagine you’re already quite busy).”

James Carmichael, developer of Hardkour.

“This is extremely useful information! Until now, I only had hunches as to what I could do to improve SEO and other marketing related endeavors. I will take all your suggestions and critiques to heart. I am immensely thankful for all your hard work and the information you shared with me. I do have other apps that are currently in development that I hope we can work together on as well. Much appreciated!”

Michael Wasko, developer of Ultrack.

“Great work Claudiu. I have to say that I have tried 3 or 4 solutions to help me with marketing (and it has cost me far more than I have earned so far) and my first reaction to the service you are providing is ‘WOW’ compared to the others. I will follow your advice to the letter and update my web pages ASAP.”

Gordon Reynolds, publisher of Learn English in context.

“Thanks for the submissions and the Excel sheet! Booth saved me a lot of time. I will follow the tips you give in your mail and simply hope for the best. Until next time then!”

Fancy Factory, publisher of Slice the Ice.

“Thanks for the long and very thorough email. I’m impressed with your level of commitment to this, looks like a job well done!
I will definitely look into your suggestions and probably submit my future apps to you as well for a round of submission.. :)”

Michael Olesen, developer of Jumping Car.

“I can only say wow! Thank you so much for all your help. This is so much more than I expected. This is what I call value for the money. Is there anything I can do for you? I really hope your business is doing great because you surely deserve all the fortune.”

Niklas Bergstrand, developer of Digging Deep.

“I’m simply amazed at your work. This is extremely thorough and professional work. I am still fathoming your suggestions, and have already started on the store translation part.”

Gamiana, publisher of Sunny Leone Teen Patti.

“Thanks for doing the submissions and for all your tips on Android app promotion. I am definitely going to follow up on those!”

Alwin Hoogerdijk, owner of Movie Database.

“Wow, thank you for all of your services and all of the information you have shared with me. Im sure that it will help me greatly as a new app developer.”

Jaydon, publisher of Gravity Ball.

“This is fantastic work that you’ve done, and I appreciate that you did it so fast and left me detailed synopsis and next steps to take. It’s a huge help! I’ll definitely be getting a hold of you again for this work when I complete my next game :)”

Garret, publisher of Squanda.

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