Write for us

Thank you for your interest in writing for AndroidB. We’re looking for contributions of original content from app developers or other users interested in Android and related topics. Here are some sample topics that we accept (only unique content articles are published):

  • App reviews if those are written from an impartial perspective and are very detailed (look on this blog for an app review to see the lenght, details and associated information to have an idea)
  • Android marketing advices, tips, case studies or own experience from developers or users that work in this field
  • App/Game development stories and experiences (i.e. launching an app, integrating ads, …)
  • Success stories from developers that want to share their advices
  • Analysis of the mobile industry (with a focus on Android)

What do you get for writing an article? First of all you get to mention your app/game so you will receive exposure (not only from the blog post but also from our social profiles). As an app developer you are allowed a short bio that includes a link to your most important app/game (Google Play link). If you’re not an app developer, we can have in the bio a link to your domain and/or one social profile. Second, you can receive paid apps for free. If you want to write a review for a paid app just get in touch and we’ll arrange a free unlock key for you to review the app.

Also, please keep in mind that not all articles submitted will be posted. The most important criterion for evaluating the article is originality (we’ll use Copyscape to test for uniqueness of content) and quality. Also, each article has to be at least 1500 words in length (or 6000 characters, whichever you prefer).

Here are some guidelines for sending in a guest post:

  1. Relevant to the Android industry. See the above examples for writing the article.
  2. Original. The article you submit must not be posted elsewhere if it gets approved and published on AndroidB. The content of the article must be unique, with no plagiarism or content spinning – you’re not doing yourself or us any good by submitting content that was copied or re-written from somewhere else.
  3. Short bio of under 30 words. If you’re an app developer you can say what apps you’ve released so far and include a link to either your Google Play developer page or one of your apps/games. If you’re not an app developer you may include only 1 link here.
  4. Copyrighted Images. The images you submit should not be copyright protected. If they are released under CC attribution required, mention the source to give credit.
  5. No links to unrelated sites that are irrelevant to your content (also, no affiliate links).
  6. Reply to comments. If your article receive comments (you can subscribe via Disqus to comments) you will need to reply to those comments.
  7. Once the post is live it would be great to promote the post as much as possible as we will also be promoting it on out side.

To get started, send us an email via the Contact page with some details regarding the article and we’ll give you access to a guest post account once you’re approved. Thank you.