App Promotion Packages (App submission & ASO)

One of the most pressing questions for any app developer is “How do I promote my app?”. Right now, the Google Play app store market is like a very big lake, and your app is only a drop in that lake. Literally millions of apps are available, and yours is lost among them.

App discovery is only limited to Google Play search, the related apps section and if you’re lucky the tops. So the question remains, how can an app developer promote his app? I’ll try to be succinct and offer a few solutions:

  • First, ensure your app/game is good. If it’s just a clone of something else you’ve seen then don’t bother. It must bring something unique or new in a way, otherwise it will be lost in a sea of other apps. Don’t rely solely on your judgement, ask your friends to install your app and get honest feedback from them. What seems like a great app idea to you, might be totally different from what others see & think. You can even ask me for feedback on an app/game, just leave a comment and I’ll promise to take a look.
  • Second, if your app is good, create an app promotion strategy. Something brief, no use wasting your time creating presentation-ready reports. No, it can be something simple where you put 5-10-20 or how many ideas you have in a orderly fashion.
  • ASO (app store optimization) to-do’s should be first on your app promotion strategy list. It can start as simple as doing keyword research for picking the perfect keywords for your Title. Work (and re-work) your app description to be focused just a little bit on that main keyword you’ve picked for your title. Don’t overdo it, just enough to mention it a few times, and be sure your description is targeted mostly for readers rather than the search engine (lots of bulleted list items, emphasize important words, etc.). App icon, screenshots and video demo are also part of ASO as those contribute to conversion ratios and done well can lead to an increase in downloads. Be sure to make full use of Google’s A/B split testing as that’s a great way to pick between different sets of screenshots. ASO is an exhaustive subject so this only scratches the surface a bit, but you should make it a primary focus as it’s the most important app promotion strategy.
  • Google Play promo codes are often ignored but they can be a way to boost app downloads. I’m exaggerating because Google only lets you create a limited number per quarter (i.e. 250), however they can be a great way to promote your app, as long as it has some form of in-app purchases. I know it sounds strange, but users are more inclined to install an app that gives them something for free (that otherwise would cost) than a totally free one. That’s why I recommend generating Google Play promo codes and sharing those with the world. You can share those via social media, with sites that post giveaways/contests and any other way you can find fit. The best part about this is the fact that they don’’t need to have your app installed. Once they claim the promo code, the app will be installed as well so that’s why I believe it is a very good app promotion strategy.
  • Let the world know about your app. This can start as easy as sharing your app with friends, colleagues and others in your inner circle. Don’t be shy or worry about what they’ll say, just consider how you built an app and that’s quite the achievement by itself. The upside of promoting your app among your friends is that you’ll also get good ratings, as friends/family are biased when it comes to evaluating your work :). Next, spread your reach. There’s a lot you can do here, from running paid app promotion campaigns (i.e. CPC campaigns) if your budget allows that, to contacting various app review sites or app-related groups. As Android & apps in general is quite the hot topic in Tech, there are numerous app review sites that you can contact. Just prepare a PR template, gather your list of app review sites and start contacting those that are a good fit. I’m saying good fit because it’s no use contacting a game-only app review site with your business app or vice-versa.

Contacting app review sites with a request to review your app is quite time consuming and that’s one of the areas I help app devs in, submitting app review requests. This type of app promotion is time consuming because you’d need to gather a list of app review sites, create a PR template for your app to contact most sites with, then start the actual (manual) submission process.

So if you are one of those devs that wants to delegate the app submission service, I can help you with that. The service I offer for this is presented below as the AppPromotion Premium Package, where I handle everything from creating a PR template for your app to contacting app review sites on your behalf.

If you have more time on your hands and want to do the submission yourself but want a great head start, you can also go for the AppPromotion Lite Package. Use the comparison below to decide what suits you best, and if you have any questions just send me an email.

AppPromotion Lite Package

  1. List of Android App Review sites (Excel) that accept submissions for you to send app review requests manually
  2. List of Android app related Google+ communities and Facebook groups
  3. Guaranteed listing for your app on
  4. If your app has IAP and you can create promo codes, I submit 100+ Promo Codes with an avid community

Buy Now: $29.99

AppPromotion Premium Package

    1. A custom PR template for contacting app review sites (can be re-used in the future)
    2. 140+ APP review requests sent to Android app review sites
    3. ASO suggestions after analyzing your app and its Google Play listing to help increase its appstore rank
    4. List of Android App Review sites (Excel) where I keep track of the submissions
    5. List of Android app related Google+ communities and Facebook groups
    6. Guaranteed listing for your app on
    7. For Android games only, guaranteed game listing on
    8. Sharing a mention of your app on the official AndroidB Facebook page and G+ channel
    9. If your app has IAP and you can create promo codes, I submit 100+ Promo Codes with an avid community

Buy Now: $99.99


Below is an explanation of each element that’s part of the app promotion packages:

1. List of Android App Review Sites: this is an Excel list with several sheets that contains information about Android related sites accepting review requests. Aside the URL you’ll have contact information for each listing, as well as social presence details. The list of app review sites is divided in several tabs, as follows:

      • Email Submissions. The first tab lists the sites that accept submissions via email, so you can create your own Outlook list and send review requests in bulk or use an online email marketing service such as iContact (I currently use them).
      • Online Forms. The second sheet has websites that you can submit only via the browser by filling in all the details.
      • Account needed. There’s a sheet for app review sites that require creating an accounts (i.e. forums).
      • Stores and publishers. This has a list of app review sites that will either republish your app or let you sell it. A recent statistic showed that almost 70% of all app downloads go through 3rd party publishers/appstores other than Google Play, this is why it’s important to use these too. In each sheet there’s also a popularity column, that’s an aggregate score I use to know which sites are more popular in comparison with others (based on what referring domains they have). It will be helpful in the future for you if you decide to purchase advertisements on them. There’s also a “Submitted?” column where you can keep track of which sites you submitted to.

2. “List of Google+ communities and Facebook groups”: this is a sheet within the Excel list of Android app review sites mentioned above where you’ll have links to Android related Google+ communities and Facebook groups. You can visit each of these and share your app with them.

3. “Free listing on”: is an app review site launched several years back where your app will be listed and also prominently displayed on the homepage. You can visit it now and see how your listing will look like.

4. “PR template for contacting app review sites in the future”: We’ll install your app and based on our experience with it and your Google Play description we’ll craft a PR template. This will be used for the manual submissions and you can also re-use this in the future to contact those sites again.

5. “APP review requests sent to Android app review sites”: Using the PR template previously agreed on we contact app review sites on your behalf to ask for a review for your app/game. Most sites are contacted by filling in their online forms and filling in the required details (i.e. app name, description, email, …). When contacting a site we use an email address provided by you, thus all replies will come to your address.

6. “ASO suggestions after analyzing your app”: We’ll analyze your app’s presence (online and on Google Play) and offer personalized suggestions on how to improve your ASO strategy and increase organic installs.

7. “Free listing on”: is a game-related site with user voting that is well received in the indie game community. If you have a game it will be listed on the site and also featured on the homepage for better exposure.

8. Mention on the official AndroidB Facebook/G+ channels: Your app/game will be broadcasted to our Google+ and Facebook followers. This grants extra exposure on social media.

9. Share promo codes with an avid community (if available): If your app/game has in-app purchases (or implements in-app billing) this means you can create Google Play promo codes. If you do we’ll share promo codes for it with an avid following of users looking for free promo codes. This will grant you lots of installs (based on how many promo codes you share) to increase your user base. This is a real community with real users thus highly engaged.