BPTracker for Android, keep track of your blood pressure

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  • Alexei

    Just wanted to offer another alternative: LifeTracking. (full disclosure: my own app) The application allows you to track *any* value (like your weight, blood pressure, or number of pushups you do a day), as well as any time-consuming activities (like sleeping, working, watching TV, etc). So you can easily use it to track your blood pressure (though I will admit it’s not as convenient, since you’ll need two tracks). You can also graph the data to see it visually, and analyze it.
    The goal of the application is to help you know yourself and your schedule better. Hopefully, when you graph things side-by-side you’ll understand yourself and your life better.

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  • Abisek S

    How can i download this app?

  • CM RAhman

    Can this app be used with bluetooth blood pressure machine? Can you help?