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2012! Maya Mayhem – fight against the wrath of Mayan Gods

2012! Maya Mayhem is the second game designed by Sofresh games that we review and include on BestFreeAndroidApps (first one was Megaflux) and it’s as addictive as its predecessor. One of the first popular...


Threedot, a fun neon-tilting game

Threedot is an arcade-like game that takes place in a world of micro-organisms. Your goal as a good micro-organism is to destroy other bacteria that are trying “to kill or otherwise harm” you (as...


DayDream Dave, fun Arcade game for Android

A romp through the skies with DayDream Dave. Daydream Dave is a great big scrolly platform game. Daydream Dave is lost at sea. He falls, bounces and flies through the sky collecting the treasures...